Waterfront House
Marie Rivalant

Kastelorizo made Parisian architect Marie Rivalant fall in love three times: first with the island of Kastelorizo itself, then with a man living there and finally with an old, waterfront mansion. So she moved to the island, married the man, and bought the mansion. Luckily for us, she decided to turn the mansion into one of Greece’s most charming boutique hotels…


Marie created a delightful little haven with vibrantly coloured bedrooms looking out over the harbour and a sunbathing terrace on the quayside. A magnificent suite occupies the ground floor, where you can just step out and dip into the inviting aquamarine waters. Step down a bathing ladder into the crystal clear sea with rainbow-hued fish darting around your toes. Swim across the bay to the island’s hot spot for a drink.


Its simple unpretentious atmosphere is what makes Mediterranean Kastelorizo so special.