From Rhodes Island (Greece) to Kastelorizo

By plane (25 mins for 45 Euro approx. one way), by catamaran (once a week - 2hr 30mins),

by ferries (2 times a week - 3hrs 45mins).

Between Greece & Europe : Regular - Olympic air ( and Aegean airlines (

Charters - Ryanair, Tansavia, Easyjet, FRAM (Direct flights to Rhodes)


From Turkey (Antalya Airport or Dalaman Airport via Kas) to Kastelorizo

The Turkish coastal town of Kas is only a few minutes away by boat and has many connections, which often makes getting to Kastelorizo from Turkey the preferred option. One can fly to Dalaman or Antalya airport and then go to Kas by car (2 hrs drive).  |  Kas to Kastelorizo : 20 mins by boat (almost every day in summer).


Between Turkey & Europe : Regular - Turkish Airlines (

Charters - Onurair, Marmara, Transavia


Greek ferries: (for booking, schedule, etc.)

For more info on How to Reach the Island and bookings, please go through